Revolutionary Product Aims to Lower Fuel Consumption and Save You Money

20/04/2024 | by Robert Norton

Summary: A revolutionary product called EcoMac Chip is saving thousands of people a substantial amount of money every time they drive their car. Additionally, the company claims that this product also optimizes your cars internal computers to generate a horsepower increase up to 15% .

How are they aiming to do this? 

According to EcoMac Chip’s CTO Andrew Johnson, the technology behind EcoMac Chip is rather straightforward. It uses mathematical algorithms to calculate how you, the owner, drives on a daily basis: “By then remapping the car’s computer ECU after a ‘break in period’ of about 100km, our device helps reduce fuel consumption by increasing the power when the user needs it most, and reducing it when it’s unneeded.” We here at WorldNews dive into whether this product could be the next big thing in fuel economy…

What is EcoMac Chip?

Millions of people around the world are constantly looking for ways to save money, and they often start with their car. People either buy a cheap car and run the risk of costly repairs, or they limit driving to short journeys and take public transport. However, neither of those options are convenient, so wouldn’t you rather there was another way? You could, of course, opt for an electric car – but with a limited battery life, there’s every possibility you wouldn’t get to your destination! 

Our research team wanted answers, and they recently discovered a new and innovative product that’s set to transform how everyday drivers use their vehicles. It’s simple, non-invasive, yet it has been known to offer up to 15% fuel savings with any petrol or diesel car. This product is called EcoMac Chip, and thousands of people are already seeing results. 

EcoMac Chip is a “plug and drive” device that plugs into your OBD2 connector. Literally, any car built after 1996 has one of these built into the dashboard, and it’s very easy to get to. We gave it a go, and the results will astound you.


How Does EcoMac Chip Work?

EcoMac Chip is so easy to install and use that anyone can do it – even those who aren’t vehicle-savvy. Firstly, you need to find the OBD2 port in your car. According to our team, this wasn’t a very difficult task for them. It can either be underneath the dashboard or in the vicinity of the center console. Once you’ve found it, all the hard work has been done. In fact, lead researcher Donavan Peterson thought it was going to be far more complicated. 

“I had more trouble opening the packaging than installing EcoMac Chip,” he said. 

Once you’ve located the port, take the key out of the ignition and then plug EcoMac Chip into the OBD2 port. Put the key back into the ignition and turn it to the first setting. Don’t turn it on! Press the small reset button for around five seconds on the EcoMac Chip unit, and wait close to a minute before starting your engine. For the next 150 miles or 200 kilometers, EcoMac Chip will get to grips with your driving habits, adjusting your car computer ECU to save fuel. The result? A massive 15 percent in fuel savings and horsepower increase!


Can I Use EcoMac Chip?

We spoke to a developer at EcoMac Chip about their product, and whether “everyone and anyone” could use it. While it’s designed so that as many people as possible can take advantage of the fuel savings and reduced emissions, there are a few exceptions.

We discovered that OBD2 ports, also known as on-board diagnostic computers, were installed into light trucks and cars in 1996 as part of a Clean Air Act Amendment in 1990. As a result, EcoMac Chip is only suitable for vehicles with an OBD2 port – essentially any vehicle built after 1996. For those who can take advantage of EcoMac Chip, however, you get more than just fuel savings. You also benefit from reduced emissions and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We invite anyone to try EcoMac Chip and see the results for themselves.


Why buy EcoMac Chip?

It’s not so much “why buy EcoMac Chip?” as it is why not. EcoMac Chip developers have designed a product that can dramatically alter how much money you spend each year putting gas into your car. This very same product can then reduce your emissions and alter your impact on the environment. Fossil fuels won’t be around forever, so if you can do your part to reduce how much of them you use, why wouldn’t you? 

EcoMac Chip is also exceptionally affordable. Therefore, it’s a low-cost investment that offers “returns” of 15% every time you put fuel in your vehicle. You don’t have to drive differently or make any “cost-cutting” measures, you simply need to plug EcoMac Chip into your OBD2 port and immediately get results.


Conclusion: is It Worth It?

If you simply skipped over here without reading, we’ll just tell you yes, 100%. If you diligently read through the article, and we thank you for that, we’ll just tell you yes, 100%.


  • Affordable to buy
  • Substantial fuel savings
  • Increases engine output
  • Easy to install
  • Reduces emissions
  • Two versions available: Green for Gasoline cars, blue for Diesel cars


  • High demand, but extremely limited supply


How Do I Get the EcoMac Chip?

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